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Giving Back

Inner Beauty™

Inner Beauty™ has partnered with Pollinator Partnership, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the health of bees and other pollinators through conservation, education, and research in North America and around the world. Managed and native pollinating animals are vital to wildlands and agricultural ecosystems, providing food to many species of life. Bees and other pollinators are threatened with diverse and drastic climate changes currently challenging our world. With your support, Pollinator Partnership is finding ways to help bees and other pollinators by conserving and reviving the places they call home.

For every Home Sweet Home ornament purchased, Inner Beauty™ will donate 5% directly to Pollinator Partnership. Funds raised will not only benefit pollinators, but it will also benefit us all. For more information, visit

Although AC&F Corporation

Although AC&F Corporation is not certified by the World Fair Trade Organization, we do follow key principles in our commitment to fair-trade ethics. We do our best to create opportunities for economically disadvantaged workers by providing jobs at every level of skill. We uphold fair-trade practices by providing payment of a fair price. We ensure no child labor or forced labor is used. We ensure good working conditions. We implement a non-discrimination policy promoting gender and ethnic equality.

We provide skill building opportunities and support career advancement. AC&F Corporation’s commitment to quality and fair-trade practices can also be seen in every step of the production process. We actively plan, produce and ship products to minimize the environmental impact of both production and distribution. We do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle to stay aware of our environmental impact both here and abroad. AC&F Corporation recognizes our role of stewardship by supporting and encouraging sustainable practices at all levels of production. Our number one priority is to fulfill our responsibilities to workers, customers, and the planet.


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